Westinghouse iPro2500 Portable Inverter Generator


Westinghouse iPro2500 Westinghouse generator

Westinghouse iPro2500 Super Quiet Industrial Generator with Inverter

Westinghouse iPro2500

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There are so many inverter generator units available in the market and each one of them is loaded with unique features. It is really good to go through specifications of each product before making a final decision about your purchase. Indeed, it is a big investment so every buyer needs to be careful about choosing right machine.

It is not just about price when we talk about an inverter generator machine, it is desired to be quiet, durable, powerful and easy to use. After checking so many products in the market, here we have picked Westinghouse iPro2500 Industrial Inverter Generator for today’s review. Below you will find all essential details about its useful features and soon you will be able to know whether it can meet your requirements or not. Keep reading.

Incredible Features of Westinghouse iPro2500 Industrial Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iPro2500 Portable Inverter Generator

Compact Design
This inverter generator unit is designed to assist users with easy mobility as its overall weight is somewhere around 48 lbs only. You will find a built-in type carry handle attached to this machine that assists in easy movements. It is compact enough so that one person can move it easily from one place to another.

Safe Usage
Westinghouse iPro2500 Industrial Inverter Generator is loaded with 2 USB ports that work on 5V DC and it also features 120 VAC/ 20 Amp outlets so that users can easily charge their home appliances and gadgets. You can ensure complete safety for your sensitive electronic devices like computers, laptops, and mobile etc.

Noise-free operation
You will be glad to know that manufacturers have designed this generator inverter unit with the double insulted acoustic enclosure so that homeowners can enjoy noise-free operation. Also, it has low tone muffles and cooling fans that ensure noise-free operation even when machine keeps on working for hours. You will never find any disturbance in normal conversations due to this machine.

Fuel Efficiency
When compared to traditional generators, Westinghouse iPro2500 Industrial Inverter Generator leads to 35% higher fuel efficiency. It can serve up to 7.7 hours with 1.0 gallon of gas while working on 25% load. This feature makes it stand out against many high-end products available in the market.

CSA and EPA Certified
The best news for buyers is that Westinghouse iPro2500 Industrial Inverter Generator is certified by CSA and EPA for its incredible work performance. This product comes with a limited 3-year warranty that makes it a risk-free and safe purchase for homeowners. You can also ensure fast response for all queries from the support team.

The Verdict
Westinghouse is well known for its wide range of power generators. The brand is gaining huge popularity from last few years and has a big network of trusted buyers. Westinghouse iPro2500 Industrial Inverter Generator is a feature-rich addition to its power generator series and it ensures complete safety for users with the impressive feature set. It is definitely a must buy product and you should place an order to buy it now.