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Westinghouse WGen7500 Review

Westinghouse WGen7500 Fully Featured 7500 Watt Portable Generator, Remote Electric Start

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start – 7500 Rated Watts & 9500 Peak Watts – Gas Powered – CARB Compliant generator

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The Westinghouse WGen7500 is one of the latest models of the brand in question. As such, it truly has plenty to offer. It probably has one of the best value for money and it is one of the most advanced generators at the moment. There are plenty of things owners will like about the unit in question.

All needed receptacles and safety features are included
Let’s begin with the receptacles. The unit comes with 2, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) household receptacles (5-20R, 120V) and one, L14-30R receptacle. The bottom line here is that the generator is sufficient for almost all applications modern users may have at the moment. The manufacturer thought about the safety as well. All outlets are protected by rubber covers, which is a small, yet mandatory feature.

Battery charger is included as well
Since the early days, people would have to purchase a generator and then a battery charger. Only combined these two units would be able to recharge a car or motorcycle battery. Well, this model already has included battery charger! Obviously, it is a small feature which boosts the practicality. Furthermore, the battery charger is the slow-charging system. It means that it will slowly inject a battery with electricity, therefore it reduces damages and prolongs the lifespan of a battery. Additional LED is implemented as well, making the entire system even easier to use.

Remote key start
We have already mentioned that Westinghouse WGen7500 is sophisticated, but in this case, it is even more advanced than you would expect. Start/stop button is available and it actually looks like the one from luxury, modern cars. It is a real pleasure using the electric start system. An even better feature is the remote key start. From a close distance, a user is able to turn on or shut down the generator using a key, no bigger than a car key. When camping, when it is dark or just for fun, this feature truly makes a huge difference.

Low noise
The noise the unit makes is lower than most rival models produce while operating. Nevertheless, the unit is equipped with 420 cc engine, a well-known and tested unit. It is low-maintenance, it is easy to start and use and the best thing is the fact it is fuel efficient. With a single fuel tank (6.6 gallons) a generator will work 10 hours at 50% load. Just to add, most usages never need more than 20-40% of load, therefore 10 hours per a tank are constantly possible.


  • Start/stop and remote key start features
  • Low noise and great engine
  • Can run for 10 hours on a single tank
  • 2 Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters


  • Muffler quality
  • Manual isn’t very useful

At the end, we can only summarize that this model is a great value for money and it is suitable for most users who are planning to use it on a regular basis. The engine is one of the best we encountered and the overall design is superb. The remote key start is an appealing feature as well.

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Westinghouse WH6500E Review

Westinghouse WH6500E Fully Featured 6500 Watt Portable Generator, Electric Start

Westinghouse WH6500E, 6500 Running Watts and 8000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator – CARB Compliant

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Individuals who are looking for a more sophisticated and a more powerful generator will appreciate the Westinghouse WH6500E. It is a superior model which is better than most, rival models. There are several reasons why you should consider this unit and now we will list them.
Westinghouse electric start generator
Superb engine
The engine in this unit is 420 cc, 4-stroke OHV version, a more powerful unit than the one you get in more affordable power generators made by the same manufacturer. The main thing to know is that this engine produces 6500 running watts and 8000 starting watts! Obviously, this is more than needed for most, average users. The engine also comes with electric start, which is actually mandatory for an engine of this power. Note: The generator is pre-set so new owners don’t have to adjust or modify anything.

Advanced portability
The portability of this unit should be mentioned. First and foremost, it comes with 10-inch wheels, which are heavy-duty components. As the result, you can use the generator on uneven terrain or in nature while camping. Then we have a practical and ergonomic handle. The unit weighs more than 200 pounds, but it is very easy to move and to position on the desirable place. Perhaps it isn’t relevant, but a 32 mm frame thickness is more than just balanced between the weight and the strength.

Warranty and customer service
When purchasing an expensive generator like this one, you will definitely want to consider the warranty and the customer service. In simple words, this unit offers one of the best warranties in the business. It is 3-years long and it covers most of the unit. Then we have customer service, which is also better than usual. As a matter of fact, current owners claim that it is one of the best among the products of the same kind and from the same class. We should add that the quality is above the average as well.

Ready for the first usage
The unit in question shares the same passion as other models of the same brand. It comes fully assembled and prepared for the first usage. All what new owners should do is to attach wheels and a few additional pieces. After that, the generator is ready to use. A tool kit and an oil funnel are included in the package.

Pros: Cons:
  • Engine is phenomenal
  • Wheels and handle for improved portability
  • Electric start is standard
  • Large tank (6.6gallons)
  • Running time is 11 hours at 25%
  • Expensive

Westinghouse WH6500E is far more than just a simple and small power generator. It is loaded with all features you are going to need and it is designed for advanced applications. In general, professionals will benefit from the unit and they will find all the features just right. Yes, the price is higher than usual, but keep in mind that you get a sophisticated generator, capable of meeting even the highest requirements.

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Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Review

 Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Fully Featured 1600 Watt Portable Generator

Yamaha EF2000iSv2, 1600 Running Watts/2000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Inverter, CARB Compliant Generator

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Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Portable Generator

Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Yamaha is a leader in many aspects and now, they have become one of the best with generators. There are several features and systems which made the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 a great model. It is small, portable and convenient, but it is still loaded with amazing capabilities and it is truly a desirable unit.

Smart throttle and longer running time
The unit we are reviewing is a newer generation generator. Correspondingly, it has some advantages, compared to older versions. Smart throttle is one of them. The system is actually complicated, so there is no need to explain how it actually works. A much better alternative is to explain what it does. First and foremost, it will match the throttle according to the load. Higher load means higher throttle. As the result, users can expect longer running time on a single time (10.5 hours) and quieter operation. The unit will generate between 51.5 dBA and 61 dBA.

Parallel operation capability
Another feature you will definitely appreciate is the twin-tech system. It allows to the users to connect two generators in order to get a higher energy output and meet more demanding operations. A great addition is the ability to connect a newer, Yamaha EF2000iSv2 and older, EF2000iS versions! Together, they will produce up to 30 amps. In addition, the procedure is simple and doesn’t require any special knowledge, although, future owners will need a cable for connection.

Pulse Width Modulation or PWM
Here we have another system which is desirable. Using clever technologies, the generator has the ability to adjust and maintain voltage and frequency, within 1%. In other words, the power output will stay the same and be well-maintained regardless of the energy consumption. Just to add, the frequency will also be within 1%. For sensitive devices, which require stable electricity, this is an extremely important system and it really makes the generator even better.

Automatic decompression
Starting the generator is easier than ever, thanks to the automatic decompression system. What it does is reduce the comparison in the cylinder. Starting the engine is then much easier, obviously. Once the engine starts, the compression will be restored to normal, meaning that the generator will continue to work in the optimal range. Auto warms up feature is implemented as well. In general, the engine will run on higher RPMs during cold starts. It heats up the engine to the working temperature, allowing for the users to get the highest electricity output (1600 running watts and 2000 starting watts) as soon as possible.

Pros: Cons:
  • Auto-decompression for easier start
  • Automatic throttle control
  • Twin parallel system for linking two generators
  • Auto-warm up of the engine
  • The price is higher than we expected
  • Some units burn oil
  • Cable for parallel connection isn’t included

There are no other words to define the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 except perfection. It is a truly amazing generator, with all the features, quality and even with superior systems. If the price isn’t an issue, this is the generator to choose right now.

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Champion Power Equipment 46539 Review

 Champion Power Equipment 46539 Fully Featured 3500 Watt Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 46539, 3500 Watt RV Ready Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Start

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Champion Power Equipment 46539 with Wireless Remote Start

Champion Power Equipment 46539

Champion Power Equipment 46539 comes ready from the box. It is loaded with all the features an average user will need and it has a few advantages others don’t. Overall, this may be the main choice in the price range in question.

Remote key start
If you are thinking that remote key start is a useless feature, lets us explain why you are wrong. All generators must be used outdoors, where CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Directly, this means that a generator will be far away from you at any given moment. Remote key start is the best alternative and the best method to eliminate frequent visits to the generator. When an RV and when you wake up, this small addition can truly make a difference.

Compatible with all RVs
We mentioned that this unit is useful for RV owners. Another reason why you should consider it is the fact this model comes with 30A outlet, the standard for RVs. Yes, other models may have the same outlet as well, but don’t forget that this one has been optimized for usages in RVs. As such we get the ability to run a 15.000BTU or air conditioning. 3500 running watts and 4000 starting watts will be more than just sufficient for most of you.

12 hours of running time at 50%
Most generators have a long running time but at 25% of load, which isn’t ideal. This one is different and much better if we can say so. The engine is 196 cc unit, capable of providing up to 12 hours of running time in all conditions. The load will be usually at 50% at most times, meaning that the 12 running hours are constantly reachable. Most users won’t need higher levels of load, therefore we can assume that the mentioned running time frame is achievable in 100% cases. In addition, the engine is the latest generation unit, approved in California, with cast iron sleeve and cold start feature. Interesting: Cold start feature allows users to start the engine easily and warm it up in less time.

Volt Guard is included as well
Volt Guard is a more important feature that most of you may believe. First and foremost, it is capable of preventing damages to all electronic units powered by generators. Because we mentioned this model is suitable for RV users, we can add that Volt Guard is a mandatory feature as well. Additionally, we will mention that the Volt Guard is constantly active and it doesn’t require any adjustments or settings.

Pros: Cons:
  • Remotely engine start
  • Optimized for RV usages
  • 12 hours of running time at 50% of load
  • Volt Guard is included
  • Engine features Cold Start system
  • Recoil engine start is complicated
  • Complicated manual

Champion Power Equipment 46539 is loaded with all the features and systems most users will ever need. Furthermore, it is one of more desirable power generators at the moment, considering the value for money and the quality you will get!

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Champion Power Equipment 75531i Review

Champion Power Equipment 75531i Fully Featured 2800 Watt Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 75531i 2800-3100 Watt Generator-Inverter, Ultra Quiet Portable Generator

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Champion Power Equipment 75531i is far more than a small and simple generator-inventor. In a matter of fact, it offers decent performances, paired with great elements. We liked this model and believe that it is one of the most desirable, smaller units on the market today.

Quick touch panel
The first thing new owners will see is the all-new quick touch panel. In essence, all the controls are well-sorted and all of them are well-designed. Thanks to it, an average user can use the generator without the need to read complicated manuals or to look for professional help. This is actually more relevant than usual, due to the fact this unit is designed for average users and for medium usages. Additionally, the unit is protected by automatic low oil engine shut down and with clever design, which boosts the safety to the environment and users.

Suitable for sensitive devices
New generators have been designed and produced to meet the requirements of the sensitive devices. For example, smartphones or similar devices require a constant flow of electricity with as low variation as possible. The model here is fully capable of meeting those demands, regardless of the RV, remotely or in-house usages. You get clean power and ability to power up all devices wherever you want to. The THD is less than 3%, another advantage we can see compared to other, similar devices.

Better fuel economy and longer lifespan
All users who are looking for a power generator which will last longer and operate perfectly without any issues are going to be perfectly satisfied with the unit here. We liked the Smart Economy Mode. In general, we were able to see the same system on other generators, but usually on those from a higher price range. It is a real pleasure being able to use this feature right away. What it does is reduce the load on the engine, extends the lifespan, by also reducing the RPMs and improves the fuel economy. Of course, once needed, the generator will move pass economy mode and deliver up to 3100 watts of clean energy. Note: Smart Economy Mode provides 8 hours of running time, on a single tank (1.6 gallons) at 25%.

58 dBA of noise
It isn’t difficult to find a generator of this kind with a low noise advantage, but finding one that stands out from the crowd is. This model features all-new exhaust system and several adjustments to the engine itself. At the end, we get 58 dBA noise, something you will have to appreciate. The owners claim this made it perfect for usages in RVs or etc.

Pros: Cons:
  • Quick Touch Panel is easy to use
  • Smart economy mode
  • Low noise (58 dBA)
  • 8 hours of running time on 1.6 gallons of fuel
  • Pull rope is sensitive
  • Some elements are made from cheap plastics

Champion Power Equipment 75531i won’t impress all people around you, but it will meet all demands you may have. Overall, it is a decent quality, great performance generator with clever and new technologies. Considering all of this, we must deduce that it is a decent value for money.

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Champion Power Equipment 76533 3800 Watt Portable Generator Review

 Champion Power Equipment 76533 Fully Featured 3800 Watt Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 76533, 3800 Watt, Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start

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The Champion Power Equipment 76533 should be your first generator. It offers a lot of capabilities and it is well-made. The price is probably the best you can find today and the overall quality is satisfactory. Regardless of the price, this unit has plenty of features to offer.

Run it on liquid propane or petrol
The 224 cc engine has been significantly tweaked and changed. Now, it is fully capable of running on petrol, obviously and when needed on liquid propane. The unit can produce 3800 running watts and 4850 peak watts. On a single tank, when we use petrol, the unit can operate 9 hours. On a 20 pound liquid propane tank, this generator will work for 10.5 hours. All what a user should do is to flip the switch, connect the gas tank and start the engine. Within a matter of seconds, the generator will begin producing electricity.

Electric start
We have more and more power generators which come with electric start, but their prices are more than just low. The secret is in affordable engine starters which can be implemented without adding a severe amount of weight. Nevertheless, these modules are durable and can last as long as the power generator lasts. Of course, some maintenance is preferable. The Champion Power Equipment 76533 is an obvious example of what we have just said. Yes, it comes with an electric starter and a battery (even the battery is included in the package). On the other hand, a manual start system is implemented as well. It doesn’t require a battery to start the engine!

Lightweight power generator
With the weight of 119 pounds, this is one of the lightest power generators on the market today. Surprisingly, none of the quality or features have been compromised. The result was possible thanks to clever design and usage of new materials. Don’t forget that this model comes with wheels for easy movement.

Volt Guard has been added
The first generators were responsible for damaging millions of devices due to power surges! When it occurs, a device cannot process this amount of energy, therefore severe damages will occur. A good side of the unit in question is Volt Guard. Obviously, all premium generators have it, but this one isn’t premium model. Nevertheless, now it is powered with it. In short words, all your devices will be protected from power surges when the generator is in the use. The system proved to be 100% efficient and available regardless of which fuel the generator uses at that particular moment.


  • Hybrid engine (runs on petrol or liquid propane)
  • Lightweight generator (119 pounds)
  • Electric and recoil start mechanisms are included
  • Volt Guard for protecting the appliances
  • Affordable


  • Weak air filter cover
  • Poor battery position
  • Exposed wiring

Champion Power Equipment 76533 should be one of the priorities when looking for the all-new power generator. It is a well-made and quality unit with all the features most users will ever need. Hybrid engine and volt protection are simply outstanding additions.

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DuroMax XP10000EH Review

 DuroMax XP10000EH Fully Featured 8000 Watt Portable Generator, Dual Fuel Powered

DuroMax XP10000EH, 8000 Running Watts/10000 Starting Watts, Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator

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DuroMax XP10000EH

Are you looking for a premium generator which is slightly different than most others on the market? Then the DuroMax XP10000EH is for you. This model is a hybrid, fully capable of meeting the toughest challenges. Additionally, we will mention some of the advanced features it comes with.

Hybrid engine
The main advantage or the most interesting feature of the unit in question is its engine. At the first sight, we have a conventional, gas-powered engine, which uses petrol to produce inner combustion. However, when the petrol is unavailable, the engine can run on LPG (liquid propane). There are no a lot of generators on the market with this capability, so we were impressed straight away. LPG consumption is slightly higher than petrol, but it is cheaper so we can say that fuel-energy production ratio is better. An engine is an 18HP unit, suitable for the most demanding applications.

Fully adjustable voltage
The generator has another, sophisticated feature. It can produce 120V electricity and 240V at the same time. This feature allows to users to use multiple devices at the same time. Then we have the ability to use 120V only, but with full power. When the 240V isn’t required, maximum output at 120V is 8000 watts, while the starting is 10.000 watts. The ability is beneficial for those who need a generator for job side usages or for RV purposes.

Safe and reliable
A few years ago, generator users had to spend hours in maintaining their devices and adjusting them for optimal electricity production. With this model, all what a user should do is start it and all is done. On one side, we see simplicity, but behind the covers, we can see spark arrestors, AC and DC regulators and low oil protection, which shuts down the engine is there is no enough oil in the engine. It should be mentioned that if the 4-stroke engine runs without or with low oil level, severe damages will occur to the crankshaft, bearings, and pistons! Addition: Only synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oils can be mixed. Mineral oils must be used separately.

Recoil and electric start
Starting the engine is possible via electric start system or with recoil system. Obviously, the electric start system is beneficial for most users and it is used in 99% cases. Only when the battery is worn out or damaged, recoil system can be used. This is a great alternative if we know that the unit is designed for usages in nature, while camping, on job sites. The bottom line is that generator will work in conditions when ordinary models cannot start.

Pros: Cons:
  • Hybrid engine uses petrol or liquid propane
  • Electric and recoil start systems
  • 120V or 240V or both
  • Flat tires for better practicality
  • Spark arrestors and Ac/DC regulators
  • Weight (265 pounds)
  • Spare parts are hard to find

The DuroMax XP10000EH is an advanced generator, which means that it is suitable for heavy-duty applications. Tough chassis and engine, loaded with essential features and safety systems justify the claim. Add the hybrid engine and you may get the best generator of them all.

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Duromax XP4850EH Fully Featured 3850 Watt Portable Generator

Duromax XP4850EH Fully Featured 3850 Watt Portable Generator, Electric Start

Duromax XP4850EH 3850 Running Watts/4850 Starting Watts Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

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Duromax XP4850EH

Duromax XP4850EH is an interesting portable generator which will probably be the first choice for many buyers. The explanation lies in the fact it is a new-generation unit developed for different usages. We should add the fact the price is more than just affordable, but this isn’t a small generator!

7HP DuroMax engine
At the first sight, a 7HP engine doesn’t look like too powerful, but there is one advantage here. The power is just right. This engine is capable of producing the electricity even for more demanding applications, yet it is fuel efficient, so new owners won’t have to fill the tank frequently. Another, appealing fact regarding the engine is the cooling down system. It is specifically developed by DuroMax to provide long working hours and eliminate any risk of overheating. In reality, this actually works and perhaps it is one of the best systems of this kind on the market. Together with other systems, the engine can produce 3.850 watts regularly and 4.850 watts max. The engine is hybrid, meaning that it can work on petrol or liquid propane.

Heavy-duty frame
The frame of this unit is a masterpiece. It is made from heavy-duty material and it is as strong as it gets. Regardless of the fact, the frame supports engine, wheels, handle and fuel tank, it is sturdy enough to allow the owners to see the quality. 4 mounts of the engine are implemented alongside rubber seals. Their goal is to reduce vibrations, make the engine sound quieter and at the same time to prolong the lifespan of a frame. Let’s just mention that it is coated and well-protected, so corrosion won’t be an issue, even in the distant future.

Power panel (full)
Perhaps this is a smaller generator, but it comes with a suitable power panel. While others have smaller and less practical power panels, this one has a full-sized system. It included key start, volt meter, low oil light, power outlets, circuit breaker and etc. In essence, the power panel offers all what an owner may need and it is extremely easy to use.

EPA approved
Duromax XP4850EH is affordable, compact and comes with great features. One of the suitable additions is the fact it has been approved by the EPA. Furthermore, this approval means that the generator can be used in national parks. Maybe some of you believe that all generators share the same approval, but that isn’t a case! As the end fact, future owners should know that the generator can be used literally anywhere. It is made using the latest technologies, therefore it is safer and more fuel efficient than similar units!


  • Value for money
  • Wheels and handle are a nice addition
  • Full power panel with all essential features
  • EPA approved for usages in national parks
  • Superior frame
  • Hybrid engine


  • Comes without propane hose
  • Difficult to start

The price of the model here is below average. Other than that, all the features are above than average. So, it isn’t difficult to determine that this is a great, little generator with features which were reserved for more expensive models.

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DuroStar DS4000S Fully Featured 3300 Watt Portable Generator

 DuroStar DS4000S Fully Featured 3300 Watt Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

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DuroStar DS4000S

Small and convenient power generators are the best for most people. They provide all, essential features and they are useful in most places. DuroStar DS4000S is one of them. It comes prepared to meet all minor and medium requirements, but when needed, it is fully capable of being used for more demanding applications.

3300 running watts and 4000 starting watts
Maybe this model is small, but thanks to a variety of systems and features, it can develop 3300 running watts at any given moment. 4000 starting watts are a decent result as well. The engine in question is 7HP, specifically designed for this generator, therefore we can see several advantages. The OHV unit is capable of running for long hours and it won’t encounter any issues when the weather is cold or too warm (cooling is great). Additionally, the engine comes attached to 4 mounts to the frame. This reduces vibrations, improves the strength and makes the generator quieter. The frame in question is made from reinforced steel, but it maintains lightness.

4-gallon tank provides 8 running hours
This unit is small and it comes with a fuel tank of only 4 gallons. However, combined with the fuel efficient engine, the total running hours are 8, per a single tank. During this time frame, you will be able to use most of the generator, meaning that all the power which most users will need is available. When camping, an average user will need 25% of the load. In other words, there is no need to increase the load of the generator which will reduce the running hours.

Clever additions
A volt meter isn’t common in generators of this size. In a matter of fact, most manufacturers chose not to implement them. However, this one is different, once again. Not only that it comes with an analog volt meter, but also provides switch breaker, low oil lamp, and full control panel. As the end result, users get all the functionality a larger generator will provide, but at a low price. There is no need in telling you that the control panel is optimized for beginners and there is no need to read the manual.

Optional wheels and handle
If you are one of those who is looking for improved practicality at any given moment, you will appreciate the fact this model comes with wheels and handle available as optional extras. Wheels won’t add some problematic weight and they are flat, therefore they can be used on any given terrain without an issue.

Pros: Cons:
  • 7HP engine is superb
  • 8 hours of running time in all conditions
  • Volt meter is implemented into a control panel
  • Optional wheels and handle
  • Lack of spark arrestor
  • Oil drain is complicated
  • Oil should be frequently replaced

All you will have to know regarding the DuroStar DS4000S is the fact this is an essential power generator. Obviously, it isn’t the most sophisticated on the market, but it provides everything a user will need. If we add a low price, we can deduce that a value for money is just perfect.

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Westinghouse 10KPRO Fully Featured 10,000 Watt Portable Generator, Remote Electric Start

 Westinghouse 10KPRO Fully Featured 10,000 Watt Portable Generator, Remote Electric Start

Westinghouse 10KPRO Gas Powered Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start – 10000 Running Watts and 12500 Starting Watts – CARB Compliant

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Westinghouse 10KPRO

The Westinghouse 10KPRO is a high quality portable power generator with all essentials you are going to need. It is well-made, it comes with a kit and it is suitable for minor and medium applications. However, if needed, this small unit can be used for more demanding purposes. In essence, it truly has a lot to offer.

10000 running watts and 12500 peak watts
Obviously, the main thing of generators is the power they can produce. This unit can produce 10000 running watts without an issue! When needed, it can also produce 12500 peak watts. An interesting advantage is the fuel tank and fuel consumption. It is 9.2 gallons, and at 50% of power, the Westinghouse 10KPRO will provide 20 hours of use, suitable for most users. This is actually the best running time of all versions of the unit!

Plug and play
Once you purchase the generator in questions and you get it, all you have to do is to turn it on and you are done. Maybe it sounds obvious, or even irrelevant thing, but actually it is a real advantage. The advantage means that the unit comes with engine filled with oil, a starter kit and as you would expect with a user manual. The assembly process is required, but it takes just a few minutes.

680 cc V -Twin Engine
Power generators are available as two-stroke and four-stroke versions. Those with 4 strokes and more sophisticated have better fuel economy and they are more durable. This unit, for example, has the latest 680 cc V-Twin engine, OHV. Thanks to the cast iron sleeve, the durability shouldn’t be taken into question. The unit is developed for the heavy-duty and frequent applications. All users who are looking for this type of generators will benefit from it. Just to add, the unit also comes with the automatic shutdown, safety feature. It means that the generator will turn off if the level of oil in the engine is below the minimum to prevent severe damages.

The Westinghouse 10KPRO is an entry-level power generator which is more than just sufficient for most people. It offers all what you are going to need and something even more. The engine is superb, practicality is even better and low maintenance is another advantage you will appreciate. Don’t forget about long running hours and superior customer service. Overall, a great value for money and a generator to take into consideration.

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